5,000 Service Intervals

All of our services or repairs keep your factory (or lease) warranty valid.
*The below schedules are "general" for all Toyota & Lexus vehicles. Some changes may vary depending on the vehicle, vehicle options and service in question
and the overall condition of the vehicle at the time of service. We follow Toyota / Lexus service recommendations and use OEM Toyota / Lexus parts on all vehicles.
*The below service lists are for a rough guidance only!*

* This is done on newer vehicles. See your owners manual for your cars recommended service schedule.

Scheduled Service (5,000 mile intervals): (Newer Model Cars & Trucks) (Older vehicles are set at every 7,500 miles intervals)
      10  15  20  25        30  35  40        45  50  55      60   65  70      75  80  85       90  95 100      105  110   115             120 miles
Age:              1 Year                 2 Year            3 Year             4 Year            5 Year            6 Year                7 Year                      8 Year
Service:    A   B   A   A         C   A    A          B   A   A        D   A   A         B    A    A       C   A   A              B      A    A                    D
These schedules are recommended by Lexus and Toyota and are specially designed to meet the demands of Bay Area Traffic. These scheduled services include services in addition of those recommended by the manufacturer and may not be required to maintain the factory warranty. In most instances, these schedules below  meets and or exceeds the manufacturer's recommendations.

A Level Service
Recommended at every 5K miles or in 4 month Intervals (and so on)

Engine oil, filter & drain Plug crush ring - replace
Engine air filter - cleaning
Cooling system & hoses - visual inspection
External belts - visual inspection of condition
Drive shafts - inspect boots, and re-torque shaft flange bolts
Fuel injection system - add fuel injection cleaner additive to fuel tank: inspect lines, connections & tank vapor vent system hoses;inspect fuel tank gasket condition.
Exhaust system - inspect mounts
Brake components - inspect condition of lines, hoses, master cylinder, calipers & rotors
Brake pads - measurement of remaining pads
Power steering system - check operation & linkages, add fluid if needed, visual inspection for power steering leaks
Undercarriage - visually check for damage and condition, inspect fuel tank bands.
Windshield wiper and washer - fill fluid, clean and inspect wipers
Electrical equipment and lights - check bulbs and operation of warning lights
Suspension - visually inspect ball joints, dust boots, shocks/struts and suspension arm bushings
Battery - load test, top fluid, clean battery terminals
Rotate tires,set tire pressures and check wear and condition of tires
Test Drive
Reset Maintenance light indicator when applicable


B Level Service
Recommended @ 15K, 45K, 75K miles or every 1, 3, 5, 7 years (and so on)

Includes items in Level 'A' Service (above) plus....
Automatic - replace ATF (if equipped) (N/A to WS type fluid transmissions)
Manual transmissions - replace fluid (if equipped)
Rear differential - replace 80W90 gear oil
A/C Filter - clean
Air Filter - clean


C Level Service
Recommended @ 30K, 90K miles or every 2, 6 years (and so on)

Includes items in Level 'A' and 'B' services (above) plus...
Air filter - replace
A/C filter - replace
Brake fluid - replace
cooling system - replace coolant (N/A to vehicles equipped with Super LLC coolant)

D Level Service
Recommended @ 60K, 120K miles or every 4, 8 years (and so on)

Includes items in Level 'A', 'B' & 'C' services plus....

Spark plugs - replacement
Distributor can & rotor - replace if equipped
Engine intake and exhaust valve - audible inspection
Fuel injection system - clean throttle body
Charcoal canister - visual inspection


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